Whether you have a new project, or are having problems with a current one, let our Cae department help you.  We can run a one step analysis for you using HyperForm or a full incremental stamping simulation using LS-Dyna.

Being a die shop, we leverage that experience when working with your part.  Using our experience, along with the stamping simulation software, we are able to prove-out the development before it ever hits the press.  We are able to look at product feasibility issues, and make development changes before a casting is ever poured.  This process saves time and money.  We cab take your product from Cad data through hard tooling.



Do you already have a draw die that is not working for you?  Let us use our experience, and simulations, to help you get out of a tough spot.  We can try alternatives to your tool that time & money will not allow you  to try in the press


Once a simulation is complete, we can then take the finished blank and put it in our blank nesting software.  Using this software we are able to get the best blank nest which will give you the smallest blank possible.