Using WorkNC, our Cam department uses a variety of tools, and cutting methods, to program each job so it is machined in the most efficient manner, while keeping a quality surface finish.

Whether your job is a zinc prototype tool, a cast iron casting, or blocks of steel, we can create accurate and efficient programs whatever the part shape.  Hercules cam department uses tool holder collision checking to create programs that can be run unmanned with automatic tool changes.

Do you need 2-D programming?  We are able to take your solid model design, and create milling, drilling & tapping programs using our Smirt software.  SmirtWare is what we use on our machines to create the programs for our 2-D work, saving time & improving accuracy.


In order to duplicate an existing tool, we also are able to create NC programs from a point cloud scan of the tool you wish to duplicate. Hercules can create NC programs for machining your jobs at our facility, or to be run at your shop.  Let our Cam department prove themselves to you!